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  • Cases Quote

    Industrial manufacturing(CYANOACRYLATE.SUPERGLUE)
    On the present market, a lot of glue that contain heavy metal and some supplier even provide the false ROHS report to the customers, for this situation you can check if the report coding is true or not. Normally, some suppliers would add some harmful solvents to the glue so that costs come down. Sometimes it always not been found until it get to the Europe port and been checked out finally been rejected and punished.

    Normally, the top quality glue has a very nice bonding strength and initial curing speed and would not yellowish when apply on wood, also the shelf life are longer then the normal one. we can guarantee our glue could keep for 3 years, while the low quality products could last only 3 months, for the supplier add too much other harmful solvent into the glue which would weak the intensity after some time, so can not last more then 6 months, some exported glue, as soon as it arrived that it been found dry, maybe you happen to know this situation.

    PE-vacuum glue, EVA latex, hot melt glue, epoxy resin, wooden glue 
    Solid-content is very important to the intensity of the glue, we note the clients that when using the glue should test the solid-content, as well as the weather-resistance, waterproof or not, temperature-resistance, etc. A qualified products should be safety and environmental and non-formaldehyde.

    It is easy to see some low quality products of short weighted and contain heavy metal in the market. When a person want to buy a glue to repair shoes, what he bought is 3g but he found that in fact it was only about 1g and looked very thin like water and can not bond well. So the customers should pay attention to the safety mark and weight mark of the package when they buy such products.

    We know some glue of low quality ,contain heavy metal and short weighted. Once we have a clients who wanted to bond a stoneware and bought a bottle of 20g glue, he found it was only 16g and bond rather bad, 3 hours later there was only little glue left and has already dry, we help this clients solve his problem use our products. We always tell our clients that when they bond some special materials they should choose the glue by asking a professional suggestion. We are glad to solve our clients’ problem and we always waiting for your contact.

    Office work usage(CYANOACRYLATE.SUPERGLUE)
    A student break his pen and he wants to bond it, he found the glue marked as 3g but it’s only contain about 1g, what’s worse is that it can not bond the pen, for the glue is thin as water and flowed everywhere, then he use our gel glue(our new products, look like gel, no flow) and it bond the pen very nice!

    Eyelash glue ingredients: EVA latex, PVA latex, resin Ethyl2-cyanoacrylate, waterproof and can resist high temperature, weather-resistance, season-resistance, same safety as FDA level, and we get the SGS, ISO9001,ISO14001 2004,ROHS certificate. All the material are get from the world TOP 500 enterprises and we can guarantee our products are nice bonding and safety, odorless, no irritate to eyes. Now a lot of people like to make up in nowadays, if the cosmetic is poor quality and contains some harmful solvent, it is really very bad for the body, one of our clients who is a actress and have to join different parties regularly, and she need to bond the false eyelash each time, before she use the glue for the eyelash extension, time for long she found she got a very strong pain of the eyes and her eyelid was swollen, what’s worse her sight become unclear. We know this situation and ask her to have a try of our water based eyelash glue, and it was really no abnormally situation happens some times later. We suggest that people should seriously choose the cosmetic products that would contact skin and eyes. We know some people use the glue which is for industrial usage for eyelash glue, it is very bad for their healthy, for the glue with very strong smelling would hurt the eyes.

    Character: easy and fast to use, safe and different from the glue which need use UV, for UV is bad for healthy.

    Character: 99.999%of purity, no harmful content, no yellowish when apply to wood, shelf life: 1-3years, we get SGS, ROHS, ISO9001 &ISO14001 2004certificate, and same safety level as FDA. High intension and bond fast, last longer and waterproof, could resist high temperature of 150℃.we adopted the advanced equipments from Japan and get raw materials from the world TOP 500 enterprises, our production level are above the world average level. One lady bought some glue for hair extension, and the glue finally made her head got infection , because what she bought is industrial use. So when the clients use some glue that would contact shin, we suggest that at the beginning they should take the professional suggestion and buy the correct products.

    Cut-cure adhesive (CYANOACRYLATE, resin, etc)
    Character: 99.999%of purity, no harmful content, used for stop blood and wound cure, shelf life:1-3 years, get SGS, ISO9001,ISO14001 2004,ROHS certificate, safety level as FDA, we adopted the advanced equipments from Japan and get raw materials from the world TOP 500 enterprises, our production level are above the world average level.

    It's made of some bio-polymer materials. After all-vacuum distillation process condensation from 99% -100% of the monomer.
    1. To promote fresh granulation tissue growth.( Use on wound, it will cover and close the wound immediately in favor of the fresh granulation tissue growth)
    2. Quick hemostasia and wound bonding immediately to heal up. (Because this adhesive can coagulation the blood and cover the wound completely, thus the wound will healing rapidly under the tight bond of the adhesive film. And block the wound to contact with bacteria and reduce infection. This treatment will be much faster  healing than the traditional bandaging)
    3. Applicable to all types of skin wounds and ulcers and bleeding wound; superficial burn wound and external wound; reduction the cost of traditional medical treatment. (Because this adhesive can coagulation the blood and cover the wound at once, the wound and around can be cleaning easily, and slightly waterproof than traditional gauze for bandaging, more convenient for life. If you need replacing or wound break by careless, you just spray or dip some adhesive on wound instead of go to hospital for medical treatment.)
    4. Besides above function, this adhesive also has anti-inflammatory to reduce re-infection and little scar compared with other treatment. Comfort and no pain. Safe and non-toxic. (At the moment when it is sealed the wound and coagulation the blood, it will have a certain degree of heat for sterilization and anti-inflammatory. By the tight bond of this adhesive, it reduce the scar and the film will gradually fell off itself with the gradual healing of the wound )
    5. Convenient, reduce cost and physical pain than traditional needle treatment.
    6. Replace the use of similar products and upgrade the family and personal owned.
    7. Especially suitable for earthquake and natural disasters and large-scale disasters required.
    8. Reducing the patient bleeding, convenient, faster and reduce cost.
    9. EU ROHS and SGS Certification. No contain heavy metals, triphenyl and hazardous solution.

    Cleaner             solvent
    To release or remover the extra glue

    PE PP tube      PE PP plastic 
    We can make package according to the clients’ requirements

    Alum tube             Alum stapes
    We can make different size and dimension mode according to the clients’ need

    Youxing Enterpris
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